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The National Chiao Tung University's Center for Nano Science and Technology was formally established in Nov. 2001. The center serves as a focal point, within the University for the research and development of nanotechnologies. There are three objectives for the center. They are

1. to promote and coordinate large-scale interdisciplinary research programs in nano-science and technology.

2. to plan and to co-ordinate cross-disciplinary undergraduate and postgraduate training in nano-science and technology.

3. to serve as a bridge between the university's nano-research and the industrial application in nanotechnology.

To fulfill these objectives, we have established a central laboratory equipped with analytical and processing tools for nano-research. The center constantly seeks cooperative research opportunities with other research organization both within and outside the country. Several large research programs including nano-devices, nano-materials and nano-physics are being carried out. More than 50 faculty members and 200 graduate students are actively participating in various branches of nano-science and technology. Some of the highlights in the research results include the growth of first single semiconductor quantum dot array, the first semiconductor quantum anti-wires, and the discovery of spin-dependent scattering in non-magnetic semiconductor nanostructures.

Strength of NCTU's Nano Program

Strong semiconductor research support
- World class research facility and academic program in semiconductor electronics
- NDL is within the campus
- CNST occupies the existing semiconductor research center facility with complete clean rooms and supplies

Proximity and close tie with many national research facilities
- ITRI, joint programs and joint lab with ITRI
- SRRC, PIDC, NCHC, STC, Joint programs
- Science Park, close tie with many high tech companies

Strong interdisciplinary academic and research programs and international collaborations
- Close collaboration among faculty members from different departments
- Many international collaborators
- Bi-weekly forum
- Started special interdisciplinary nano science courses and programs

   The Center is working together with four-university system consisting of NCTU, NTHU, NCU and NYMU provides an effective organization to meet the challenges posed by the nano revolution.

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